South Korean archer Ki Bo-Bae shoots first pitch with bow and arrow

First we saw rhythmic gymnast Shin Soo-ji twist her body in ways we wouldn't dare imagine trying on her way to an incredible first pitch prior to a Korean Baseball Organization game. That one definitely blew our minds. Then last month actress and martial artist Tae Mi wowed us by flipping and twisting before throwing a remarkably strong first pitch. Again, very impressive and creative.

But now the KBO has ventured into unique territory with their most recent first pitch, because it actually involved a bow and arrow.

Seriously. A bow and arrow.

South Korean Olympic archer Ki Bo-Bae handled the honors prior to the game played on Sunday, and to her credit fired a pretty accurate shot under the circumstances. It actually looked like an effective sinker or maybe a 12-to-6 curveball that disappeared off the table in a hurry, but still got over the plate. Nine times out of ten, that's a swinging strike or a rollover ground ball, so a job well done by Ki Bo-Bae.

But maybe we should be surprised considering it wasn't her first attempt.

Much better this time around, though that wasn't half bad either. I think that's all of the analysis I can come up with for a bow and arrow first pitch. I honestly can't wait to see what they come up with next.

Big BLS H/N: Dan (@MyKBO)

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