‘Simpsons-Moneyball’ mash-up: Montgomery Burns as Brad Pitt as Billy Beane

David Brown
Big League Stew

This video actually was published in October 2011 which, because of the time of year, might explain why the baseball blogosphere seemed to miss it until Wednesday. Lots of stuff going on during October. But if the internet has taught us anything, it's that we will find you if you're on it.

The video combines audio from a "Moneyball" movie trailer with video of three Simpsons episodes, most notably "Homer at the Bat" — the one filled with major league stars of 20 years ago. And starring as Brad Pitt, starring as Oakland Athletics' GM Billy Beane? Montgomery Burns, Homer Simpson's boss. And as Jonah Hill as Peter Brand? Wayland Smithers. It's near-genius conceptually. And it gets an "8" for technical work.

Rob Neyer of SB Nation said he didn't think he would like the homemade trailer, but after watching, he admitted he was wrong, saying that it "succeeded" at its goal, like Scott Hatteberg learning to play first base. How could even doubt?

Now, Burns doesn't have the same anti-establishment reputation for running the Springfield nuclear plant that Beane has had running the A's, so it doesn't make sense to that level. And, as a company softball team exec, Burns is more like George Steinbrenner combined with Charlie Finley combined with Jeffrey Loria. He'll do anything to win, including bringing in expensive major league ringers such as Roger Clemens, Ken Griffey, Darryl Strawberry and so forth. So it wasn't like Burns ascribed to the tenets of "Moneyball" as described in the film or the book by Michael Lewis.

Basically, it's just funny to see how the lips move with the dialogue of something completely different. And it's worth several yuks.

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