Should baseball games be seven innings? MLB Network host fumes at idea (Video)

ESPN's Buster Olney published a column Monday quoting an anonymous MLB executive who believes games should be reduced to seven innings. Nine-inning games, the exec argues, are too long and changing to seven would make the game more watchable for the modern attention span and appeal to younger viewers. 

It would never happen, Olney himself says so. Baseball is far too tied to tradition to do something like that. Regardless, Chris "Mad Dog" Russo, the host of the new "High Heat" show on MLB Network, used the idea as a reason to rant against seven-inning baseball games and young people who won't watch baseball because the game is too long. It's something else.

Be sure you stick around until 1:02 when he explodes into, "Stop trying to reinvent the game!" 

I'll add this about Russo's rant: It literally gave me headache. I didn't have one before I watched it, and I do now. Don't take that as an endorsement of the seven-inning idea. It's more of a recommendation to keep the volume down.

OK, I'm going to get some aspirin now. Let's all ponder the MLB doomsday scenarios that would follow a switch to seven-inning games — like Yasiel Puig as player/commissioner.

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