Severed goat head delivered to Wrigley Field

We've all heard the story before. During the 1945 World Series, Billy Goat Tavern owner William Sianis placed a curse on the Chicago Cubs when the team denied his pet goat Murphy entry into the famed Wrigley Field. Since, the Cubs have not appeared in another World Series, let alone won one, so the "Curse of the Billy Goat" is still referenced to this day.

It's ridiculous, I know, but the urban myth lives on and on and on, sometimes thanks to the Cubs themselves.

Sadly, I think too many people buy into the idea of a curse to begin with. And even sadder, I think too many people take the idea way, way too seriously. That has to be the only way to explain what happened at Wrigley Field on Wednesday, when a package containing the severed head of a goat addressed to owner Tom Ricketts was dropped off at the ballpark.

Yes, the severed head of a goat. Your eyes did not deceive you.

Here are some additional details on the incident courtesy of the Chicago Tribune:

A package with a goat’s head was dropped off at Wrigley, 1060 W. Addison St., addressed to Ricketts, Cubs team spokesman Julian Green said.

The package was dropped off at Gate K at the field, Green said. The delivery was reported to police, he said.

Police were called to the ballpark about 2:30 p.m. because of an "intimidating package," and officers filed an appropriate report, said Police News Affairs Officer Veejay Zala. News Affairs did not have information on details of the incident, but police are investigating, Zala said.

The Cubs are in the middle of highly publicized negotiations with city officials regarding proposed changes at the stadium, including about whether the team should be able to increase the number of night games at the field from 30 to about 40.

Well, that would be one way to send a message if you're unhappy about the renovations and overall changes taking place at the ballpark. Of course it's all just speculation at this point, but I guess that makes as much sense as anything to explain why a person would go through that trouble. 'Hey, I doubt Ricketts would take the time to read my angry handwritten letter about ruining my Wrigley Field, I'll just send him this goat head. He'll figure it out.'

Of course it won't stop Ricketts from going through with his $500 million renovation plans that also include adding more advertisements within the ballpark. But just being a thorn in his side and making his day less comfortable was probably enough. Mission accomplished there.

It's also worth noting that last season a severed goat head was found hanging outside Wrigley Field. Police determined that incident to be a prank.

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