Series becomes hair-raising for Yankees, but there's a solution

The Yankees employ long-standing regulations about personal grooming standards when it comes to hair, but it seems like SOME people are flouting the rules. Hmm, Johnny Damon(notes)?

That's OK, with the World Series returning to the Big Gotham. The N.Y. Daily News has found local options for ballplayer hair-trimming — if the Yanks only follow the lead of folks in the seats.

Fans who have spirit (yes, they do!) are headed to borough barbershops and salons to have a stylist shave the Yankees' logo into their heads.

Party like it's 1992. The haircuts recall to some the 2000 Subway Series (the last World Series the Yanks won, oddly enough) in which fans declared their allegiance to either the Mets or Yankees by trimming their domes appropriately. The Phillies forcing Game 6 apparently is enough to make some New Yorkers' hair stand on end.

From the Daily News:

"I only do it for the World Series," says Tom McBride, a 38-year-old electrician from Queens.

Only for the Series. Astor Place Hair Designers in the East Village, for example, charges $40 for this service.

The price falls well within the budgets of Damon and teammate Nick Swisher(notes) — whose "Swish Hawk" looks more like a Jimmy Neutron pompadour and needs to go. It's killing the Boss on the inside.

Whatever the Yanks do, they must act soon. Damon turns into the Wolfman any midnight now.

... Yeah, I'd like a lot off the top and the Empire State Building in the back. ...

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