Separated at birth: Willie Mays '73 and Indiana Jones '08?

The great thing about Willie Mays' time as a Met is that it's always going to serve as the one-size-fits-all example of someone who came back for more when they clearly shouldn't have.

And don't think I didn't have visions of the Say Hey Kid at Shea as I watched Harrison Ford grimace his way through the going-through-the-motions-so-we-can-make-$126 million-on-opening-weekend atrocity that was Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Seriously, that movie was about 100x more disappointing than this year's Detroit Tigers. Since I have somewhat of a forum here, I believe it is my duty to save the rest of you from wasting $9 and two hours of your life on what was probably the worst movie I have ever seen, at least one that I was expecting to somewhat enjoy.

(I know, I know. Apologies for that rather-thin baseball tie-in. But like DB also did this morning, I needed to show my displeasure with Spielberg and Lucas appearing as if they spent 18 minutes, rather than 18 years, selecting a decent storyline for that movie.)

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