Separated at birth?: J.J. Hardy and Mac from 'Always Sunny'

Ft. MYERS, Fla. — Rather than asking J.J. Hardy(notes) how practice is going with his new double-play partner, Orlando Hudson(notes), I had a much more pressing inquiry.

Has he ever seen the comedic geniusness that is "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"?

He has not.


For the under-informed (listen up, Hardy) "It's Always Sunny" is a TV comedy series in its fifth season on the FX channel. The show's own tagline — "It's Seinfeld on crack" — might sound glib, but it's spot on. One episode, for example, is titled "The Gang Exploits a Miracle."

Three Philadelphia friends in their early 30s run a bar — along with Danny DeVito — while saying and doing morally vacant things to each other. The language and themes are foul and disgusting. The scrapes that the characters get themselves and others into would result in hard time or death if practiced in reality. You would not want to know any of these evil people. Still, it's the funniest show on television.

And Hardy strikingly looks like one of its stars, Rob McElhenney — who also is the show's creator. Does this ring any bells yet, J.J.?

"Oh, yeah," Hardy said, parting the clouds. "That actually seems familiar to me now. I think somebody ... Was it [former teammate in Milwaukee] Mark DiFelice(notes)? He mentioned that I looked like someone from that show. And he's from Philly."

OK, so I'm not the only one who connected the Mac/JJ dots. (These guys, too.)

Hardy said he would try to check out the show, even though it's already been on for five years. C'mon, J.J! Sigh.

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