Self-promotion: 'Duk talks hot stove with On The DL podcast

Since I'm like 99.9 percent of the public in that I don't particularly like to listen to myself, can you do me a favor and head on over to Dan Levy's always-intriguing On The DL podcast and tell me how I sound?

For over 45 minutes, Dan, Nick and I discussed the current hot stove season, as well as the HOF ballot, MVP voting and my upcoming trip to Vegas for the Winter Meetings. Extra points for the endurance-minded readers that can get past all my Chicago "uhs" and "you knows" to reach the end.

Oh, and while I'm in a self-promoting mode, I just started up a Facebook Group for BLS and have synced our posts with my Twitter feed. Why? 'Cause it seemed like the thing to do.

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