Security guard takes foul ball off his helmet, recovers like a champ (Video)

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

"You wonder why security guards wear a helmet — you just found out."

An Oakland Athletics security guard is now the walking, ball-tossing example of why Major League Baseball made a rule requiring security guards to wear helmets.

In Wednesday's A's game against the New York Yankees, catcher John Jaso hit a foul line drive that ricocheted off the wall and knocked the security guard in the head. He wore like a champ. Getting up right away to fetch the ball and give it to a fan.

High-five for toughness, dude. He didn't look like a guy who just got popped in the head with a baseball. My question: Can he throw? If so, the Oakland Raiders might consider him as their next quarterback. He can obviously deal with getting hit.

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