The second-best bail bonds sponsorship in baseball history

Don't call yourself a Stewie if I have to clue you in on the best one.

But, yeah, it looks like the San Diego Padres are currently raking in some ad dollars from Aladdin Bail Bonds, which "provides bail bonds services to customers in over 50 local offices throughout the western United States."

Wonder if the Friars get to charge more during games against the Dodgers?

Big BLS H/N: Walkoff Walk

UPDATE: A Stewie from San Diego emailed to say we have to check out the King Stahlman Bail Bond commercials that air during Padres games. Honestly, I had no idea that people with jailed family members were such a sizable demographic in the world of west coast baseball. Check out a King ad below.

UPDATE #2: Here's the Raiders version a few commenters mentioned.

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