Screen Schottzie: Milton Bradley makes a new friend in right field

In another life if a fan reached out a hand to shake, Milton Bradley might have confronted him or her with indifference, an angry glare, or even a water bottle. But not this Milton Bradley.

Not only does Bradley's temper appear to be in check, he's even a little loosey-goosey after signing a three-year, $30-million free-agent contract with the Cubs in the off-season.

Congrats to the fan on breaking "the fourth wall" after Bradley came over for a foul ball at Minute Maid Park. Follow the jump for the full sequence of how they met:

* * *

Out of play. Note the Eminem-like characteristics of our guy.

* * *

A peace offering is made. Milton doesn't look like he's gonna go for it. Duck! (Doesn't the non-Milton guy in Cubbie blue looks kind of like former major league lefty Jeff Fassero?)

* * *

Don't judge Milton too quickly. Solid! My man!

But Will Fassero Jr. blow it by asking for an autograph mid-at-bat?

* * *

What is this, a foul-ball handshake or a peace accord?

* * *

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