Screen Schottzie: The coat Dusty Baker doesn't want you to see

If you caught the Cubs-Reds game on TV on Tuesday night, consider yourself lucky. Temperatures in Chicago dipped to the low 40s, the wind whipped around and icy raindrops fell on Wrigley Field. Great night for a ballgame!

Nobody would begrudge players — or coaches — on either side who felt the need to don a heavy winter coat in the dugouts. Conditions called for big coats. Dusty Baker thought so; he wore one.

Until he went to the mound to make pitching changes, that is. Then, he got all Jack London on everyone by stripping down to the Reds classy fleece.

And when Dusty got back into the relative safety of the bunker? Back comes the coat!

There could be a reasonable explanation for the wardrobe changes, burt I prefer to think that Dusty didn't want to be heckled by the Wrigley fans who'd get on him about walking to the mound in a parka. Draw your own conclusions after checking the following photo sequence!

Dusty's just chillin' (get it?) in his black winter coat as he gets ready to make a pitching change...

Feel the coat's power! Dusty is getting ready to "brave" the elements. Look what happens when he makes the call in public...

You're looking awfully Red, Mr. Baker. What did you do with your coat?

There it is! Back in the dugout, away from the prying eyes and big mouths of the Wrigley faithful, Dusty is warm again. Note the MLB logo on the jacket — it's not Reds issue. Could that be a factor in how Dusty wears his robes? Possibly, but it's more fun to assume it has to do with ego. Meanwhile, in the other dugout...

Lou don't need no winter coat! He goes around in his blue Cubs jacket. To heck with the weather, sir!

* * *

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