Scott Eyre would like to buy his candy pretzels in peace

Tuesday was World Series Media Day in St. Petersburg. Here are a few remnants from 'Duk's notebook.

One of my favorite under-the-radar stories from this year's World Series comes in the weird, strange season of Scott Eyre, the left-handed reliever for the Phillies.

That's because I remember watching the press conference over the summer when the Cubs announced he had been designated for assignment. Eyre had tears in his eyes that day — heck, he might have been crying — and you could tell that it crushed him that he wasn't going to be involved in the World Series run that everyone assumed was a certainty. I felt bad for Eyre, mostly due in part that he's on the list of baseball's top good guys (as well as one who knows how to fill a notebook or five.)

The funny thing, of course, is that he would soon be traded to Philadelphia, which was like switching craps tables the exact second one started to turn cold while another started to heat up. It would be the second beneficial midseason swap of Eyre's career, too. In 2002, he was claimed off the Blue Jays' waivers by the Giants, who went to the World Series that fall.

"It's strange to start out with one team (the Cubs) that's predicted to go to the World Series — 'The Beast of the National League,' whatever," Eyre admitted.

"(But) I was thinking which American League team is Jim Hendry going to send me to and he called me on the way home and asked me if I wanted to be a Phillie because they were interested in another lefty to go with J.C. Romero.

"I told him 'sure.' He said, 'But you have a no-trade.' I said 'I don't care, I'm in' and the rest is history ... Hopefully good history in another nine days."

Though he's only been in Philly for two months or so, Eyre said he's enjoying his newfound fame there immensely ... except for when his famous sweet tooth starts bothering him.

(Hey, you don't look like Eyre does just by eating celery and carrot sticks.)

"We went to the mall and I tried to go into the candy store and get some stuff and some guy asked me, 'Hey, aren't you Scott Eyre?'" he recalled. "I kinda shook my head ‘yes' while saying ‘no' and the guy says, 'Hey, it is Scott Eyre!'"

"So then I'm standing in the candy store signing autographs and all I want to do is get some yogurt-covered pretzels ... They're very addicting."

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