Scott Boras discusses Bryce Harper’s contract following Mike Trout extension, compares both to tea

As the representative for Bryce Harper — who might be the only clear comparison for Mike Trout given their age, skill level and the positions they play — you knew it was only a matter of time before Boras weighed in willingly or was asked about Trout’s new six-year, $144.5 extension with the Angels.

We didn’t have to wait long at all. On Saturday, Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post broached the topic with Boras with his angle obviously centering around whether or not Boras would be aim to use Trout’s deal as a template for a future Harper extension.

Boras’ response was clear, but his selection of metaphors was unique to say the least.

“I have the pleasure and privilege of watching Mike Trout play every night,” Boras said. “I think he's a very special cup of tea, for which he is deserving of a completely different brew. While few, I definitely consider Bryce Harper as part of the next generation of elite brand of teas. Certainly as a studied connoisseur, I may hold a differing opinion as to the availability, demand and value of tea futures.”

Does Boras come up with these quotes spontaneously or does he have a notebook with prepared statements and odd metaphors at the ready?

If it's the latter, I'd like to buy that notebook.

Anyway, the obvious translation is that Harper won’t leave a lot of money on table or take a cost certain deal, as many believe Trout did in signing his extension, for the sake of security. Boras will be advising his client to cash in as often as he can for as much as can until he reaches free agency in 2019. Then the real fun begins.

This isn't exactly breaking news or some sort of departure from character for Boras, either. That's always his mindset with his clients unless they give him clear instruction to go a different direction, which is what Carlos Gonzalez did when he signed his seven-year, $80 million deal with Colorado in 2011. Boras works for his clients, but he knows how to work them as well, so hearing this should make Nationals fans a little uneasy knowing that he's in Harper's ear edging him away from a “hometown discount” is a long shot when extension talks come up.

And those may come sooner than you think. Currently, Harper has two years and $4.4 million remaining on the five-year deal he signed following the 2010 draft. Not bad coin all things considered, but stay tuned for next winter. That's when things could get interesting if the two sides sit down at the negotiating table.

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