The Scorecard: Pete Rose and the most disturbing photo ever

Uh, yeah ... I have no idea either.

All I know is that one minute I was thinking about what I could make for lunch (leftover chicken sandwich? turkey wrap? easy-to-make French Onion soup from Costco?)

The next I'm clicking through a link on Razzball and completely forgetting about eating for the next 2-23 days because of Pete Rose's apparent desire to imitate Jim Palmer.

I have no idea the story behind this photograph or if it's made the Internet rounds before. (UPDATE: It has. Check out Steve Carlton.) But if ol' Chuck Hustle with batting donuts and briefs isn't a candidate for the charter class of the "Things That Never Should Have Seemed Like A Good Idea" Hall of Fame, I'm not sure what is.

Now if you'll excuse me as I go check the Yellow Pages and consult friends for the name of a good therapist.

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