The Scorecard: Don't worry folks, Kyle Kendrick is fine

For those of you who worried about Kyle Kendrick's mental state following the "traded to Japan" prank, you can stop fretting now and try to regain your lost sense of humor. Kendrick appeared on the Today show this morning with orchestrator Brett Myers and said there weren't any hard feelings. At the end of the appearance, Myers was on the receiving end of the old shaving cream pie in the face trick (perfectly executed by Shane Victorino.) While that stunt doesn't pull Kendrick quite even, it was still nice to see the Phillies' resident redass finally get a little bit of his. Bugs & Cranks has video of the clip, so head over there for your viewing pleasure.

Elsewhere in the baseball blogosphere:

• No idea why millionaire athletes would need to have iPods bought for them, but Marlins manager Fredi Gonzalez is doing it in the name of clubhouse peace and quiet. [Fish Stripes]

• The Nationals held auditions to be one of the 20 lucky people who serve as the "Racing Presidents" mascots. Will we ever see a racing Millard Fillmore? I sure hope so. [Nats 320]

• The good news: Adam Dunn enjoyed his trip to the Daytona 500. The bad news (for Reds fans, at least): Dunn and the team aren't talking about a contract extension. [Reds Insider]

• Some NHL teams are trying to sell ad space on their jerseys and my esteemed colleague, MJD, wonders if the NFL and other leagues are next. Can't wait to see 'Circuit City' on the front of a road Cubs jersey. [Shutdown Corner]

Dmitri Young (a.k.a. "Da Meat Hook") is apparently on the Josh Beckett offseason plan. (Actually, it's probably the other way around.) [Mr. Irrelevant]

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