The Scorecard: David Ortiz picks Vitamin Water over rest

David Ortiz is currently in the middle of a mini-controversy. The reason? He flew to New York on an off day to star in an astro-themed commercial for Vitamin Water. Meanwhile, the always mindful Boston press corps believes he should have been at home resting up from all that travel to Japan, etc.

But tell Big Papi this: How are you going to say no to a meeting with Fitty, Brian Urlacher, Dwight Howard and Purple Jesus? In a fake spaceship, no less? [Boston Dirt Dogs]

Elsewhere in the baseball blogosphere ...

• The Indians have scheduled a press conference to announce that they've signed a seven-year deal with No. 2 starter Fausto Carmona. Well, that pretty much seals the deal that C.C. Sabathia is leaving town, doesn't it? [Plain Dealer]

• Yahoo! and MLB Advanced Media are now business partners. And here I already paid for the MLB.TV deluxe computer package. [Yahoo! Finance]

• Without a team to call his own, Sammy Sosa is considering retirement. [MLB Trade Rumors]

• That Julio Lugo sure knows how to kill a rally. [Walkoff Walk]

J.J. Putz is slowly coming back to a team that needs him. [Seattle P-I]

• Is something wrong with Jeremy Accardo? [The Mockingbird]

• Just call him "Byle Bendrick." (BB's instead of K's, get it?) [The Good Phight]

• Avis is renting quality cars, furthering Red Sox-Yankees stereotypes. [Red Sox Monster]

• The 'sunburst' logo on Tropicana Field leaves something to be desired. [Rays Index]

• They're accustomed to it being dropped, so should Royals fans already start looking for the other shoe? BLS answer?: Not if Zack Greinke and Brian Bannister keep pitching like that. [Royals Authority]

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