San Francisco's Tiny Tim nabs Cy Young over talented NL field

You know that scene in Goodfellas where Henry learns that Conway's crew pulled off the Lufthansa heist, so he starts pounding his shower wall while yelling "JIMMMAYYYYYY!" at the top of his lungs?

Yeah, that's the same thing I just did upon learning that San Francisco's Tim Lincecum was named the 2008 NL Cy Young Award winner.

Only I yelled "TIMMMAYYYYYY!"

(And I wasn't in the shower.)

Seriously, though, I'm glad the BBWAA writers got it right and placed Lincecum — the most consistently complete NL pitcher over the entire season — on 23 of 32 first-place ballots. Even while playing for a 72-90 Giants team, Lincecum still went 18-5 with 265 strikeouts and a 2.62 ERA. He never lost straight starts and he was the subject of maybe my favorite Sports Illustrated story — "How Tiny Tim Became A Pitching Giant" — this year.

Though this Cy Young field gave us one of the best debates in recent memory, Lincecum was able to provide the best argument.

Second-place finisher Brandon Webb had an unparalleled start, but he couldn't keep it going. Third-placer Johan Santana had similar stats, but was just a hair below Tiny Tim. Finally, while fourth-place honoree CC Sabathia was inarguably brilliant after arriving in Milwaukee, he'll simply have to accept the consolation prize of Steinbrenner's millions after struggling with the Indians to start the season.

But like I said, I'm glad Lincecum received the honor. In the 24-year-old righty, the Giants not only have a hurler with an affinity for breakdancing, funky windups and going missing at All-Star Games, they finally have the type of dominating pitcher they thought they were getting with Barry Zito. (Interesting fact: Lincecum is only the second Giants pitcher to win the award. Mike McCormick in '67 is the other.)

I realize, though, that many of you might disagree with Timmmaayyyyyy being named to the honor. If so, make the case for your guy in the comments section below.