San Francisco Giants relief pitcher fields live ball while warming up in the bullpen

Mike Oz

A Hooters ball girl fielded a live ball in March, tossed it into the stands and the Internet mocked her accordingly. So in the interest of fairness, we have to point out when major league player makes the same boneheaded move.

Here's the situation: It's the top of the eighth inning in Wednesday's San Francisco Giants/Arizona Diamondbacks game. Eric Hinske is batting for the D-backs against Madison Bumgarner while Santiago Casilla warms in the bullpen. Hinske hits a ball sharply down the left field-line, which bounces toward the bullpen, so Casilla fields it. Problem is, it's a fair ball.

Casilla looks confused at first, then like a kid who did something wrong awaiting his punishment. Hinske is awarded a double, which he probably would have gotten anyway. This eventually turns into the game-tying run. The D-backs score another in the ninth and win the game in 10 innings, 3-2. It's not fair to say Casilla's mental blunder cost the Giants the game — it was a hit. But it is fair to say he should know better.

He is, after all, in his 10th MLB season and not, in fact, a Hooters employee.

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