San Diego shows its support for suspended Diamondback Eric Hinske

As has become abundantly clear since Friday's annoucement, the Arizona Diamondbacks and their fans are not exactly pleased that well-liked teammate and seemingly innocent (or at least less guilty) peacemaker Eric Hinske was suspended five games for his role in Tuesday's brawl with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Adding fuel to their displeasure was the fact that Dodgers phenom Yasiel Puig was only hit with a fine and not suspended despite throwing a few haymakers in the scrum. At the very least, you would think the two players should draw matching one or two-game suspensions, but MLB went all out on Hinske and left the rookie Puig alone.

In response to these punishments, D-Backs fans have been promoting the Twitter hashtag #FreeHinske, which really began to take off over the weekend. So much so, that on Saturday night while the Diamondbacks visited the Padres at Petco Park, an office building in downtown San Diego prominently displayed that very hashtag.

Based on the commentary in the video, it would appear the Diamondbacks television booth had some pull in the message being displayed as they campaign to have Hinske's suspension lessened (he's currently appealing). But even then, it's cool to see folks outside of Arizona take up the cause for Hinske.

Of course, it was probably a little easier to facilitate the message in San Diego with the hated rival Dodgers on the other side of the argument, but it works. Well done, San Diego.

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