San Diego columnist warns Padres fans: ‘Dodgers games are the new Raiders games’

Mike Oz

The Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres meet Monday night for the first time since Thursday's  brawl and postgame showdown. In Los Angeles this time.

Carlos Quentin won't be there, as he's started serving his eight-game suspension. The Dodgers, however, will certainly be there. As will their fans.

And that's enough for U-T San Diego sports columnist Kevin Acee to warn Padres fans not to go to L.A. in Padres gear. In a column that explains why he thinks nothing explosive will happen on the field, Acee ends with this warning for fans:

If any of you Padres fans who aren’t going to games in San Diego were thinking about attending at Chavez Ravine and wearing our SD gear, please reconsider. Dodgers games are the new Raiders games in Los Angeles, and anyone wearing an opposing team’s gear in the parking lot is more unwelcome as Quentin would have been on the field.

Too alarmist? Or does he have a point? Of course, this columnist also wrote that he can't recall enjoying a jerk as much as he enjoys Carlos Quentin, so there's undeniable trolling going on here too.

Until Dodgers fans are painting their faces and wearing spiked shoulder pads, they're not Raider fans. But far be it for Acee, us or anybody else to tell fans when they should feel safe and when they should not.

On the field, it sounds like Major League Baseball isn't going to stand for any nonsense from these two teams. You have to imagine Dodgers security is going to be eye-hawking for shenanigans away from the field too.

For what it's worth, the Dodgers seem to have backed off from their Twitter trolling of the Padres and are encouraging a peaceful night.

Here's Yahoo! Sports' Tim Brown with some analysis on whether this Padres/Dodgers meeting might mean more drama, or if we've already seen the worst:

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