Sammy Sosa: ‘I will be ready’ if asked to run for president of Dominican Republic

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Sammy Sosa gave everyone a treat Wednesday afternoon by doing a live video chat on UStream. He's been quite active on social media lately, chatting it up on Twitter and posting stuff on Pinterest, so why not a chat? Dressed impeccably, accessorizing himself with a breast pocket handkerchief, Sosa dished on his present life, which he said included running a business — Injex 21, a needle-free injection system. (Hmm, nothing ironic there.)

Sosa didn't take any steroid questions, but he did talk about his future, which he believes should include the Hall of Fame ("Mark McGwire and I brought baseball back"), getting his uniform number retired by the Cubs and a possible foray into politics.

Government?! Say it ain't Sosa!

He literally laughed off returning to baseball as a coach or manager. (With the way he's dressed? Are you kidding, Internet questioner?) But when someone asked if he ever would be interested in running for president of the Dominican Republic, Sosa at first chuckled but added:

"Listen, you never know. If that moment comes in, I will be ready. I don't say that it's going to happen tomorrow or the next day, but I'm going to continue to take care of my family and taking care of the rest of the people, I feel comfortable already and I feel like I'm a president doing that."

Sounds a little like the pitch Mitt Romney used when he ran for president. Do you think a reconciliation with the Cubs also could mean a teaming with Joe Ricketts' Super PAC? I don't know; The Sosa family donated some money to President Obama's re-election. There might be some issues to work out.

Here are a few other highlights of Sosa's chat:

On his fashion sense: "I have my own style. I feel comfortable about it. Normally, that's what separates me from the others. ... The way that I dress says everything."

On his place in Chicago Cubs history: "That number should have been retired a long time ago."

On Lance Armstrong: "I wish him the best, but I have too much on my plate to think about somebody else. I know Lance was a great person and I hope he continues with his life. I wish him the best."

On the Hall of Fame, and do Mark McGwire and he belong: "I think so. I'm not going to come here and say anything that's going to jeopardize my future. But definitely, time will determine everything. But whatever it is, it is. I'm not anybody to go out there and say anything I don't have to say. I'm waiting for my time. I'm the type of person that I don't like the controversy. I'm going to wait here, but definitely time will determine everything.

So he's waiting for everyone to stop caring about steroids. Probably the best strategy.

On coaching in the majors: "My career has been such a great career that my abilities ... are not to be a coach. No offense. Maybe one day. We'll never know."

Never? Won't we know someday? He did leave the door open, possibly, to return to coaching with the Cubs, "if something happens." But for now, he's going to continue to develop his company. The injection product is straight out of "Star Trek," but it's also an ironic association for Sosa, given the suspicions (with only anecdotal evidence, mind you) many have with him regarding performance-enhancing drugs.

No questions were published that addressed the Donruss Diamond Kings-esque painting behind Sosa, which appears to depict his 600th career home run, hit with the Texas Rangers against the Cubs (that made him chuckle, too). And he did not respond to anyone asking about how his skin seems to be returning to its regular hue. Phew that it is, though. We were kind of worried about that.

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