Safeco Field fan catches foul ball in full cup of beer, chugs it on the spot

David Brown
Big League Stew

The other big news Wednesday night from Safeco Field, besides the Houston Astros beating the Seattle Mariners 8-3 to win a three-game series, was this guy. Recently we've seen a man holding a child and catching a home run. We've also seen fans holding a beer in one hand and catching a ball with the other. Sometimes we've seen 'em lose the beer. We've even seen fans catch a ball with their cup of beer and drink the beer. It's happened at least three years in a row.

And yet, stylistically, the man who uses his cup of beer to catch a foul ball by Seattle's Justin Smoak and then chugs the beer like he's completing some sort of ballpark drinking game is in a league of his own. Mmm — barley, hops, cowhide. Am I tasting seams?

Here's an amusing animation of the guzzling, captured by Crawfish Boxes.

There was no baby to hold or shield, though. That's the Final Frontier of catching a foul ball: Doing it while holding a baby and a beer, and spilling neither. Perhaps, someday, this fan will return to Safeco Field with a family in tow and go where no fan has gone before.

The cackling you hear in the video is Seattle broadcaster Dave Sims cracking up.

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