Sadako! Girl from the well in ‘The Ring’ throws out first pitch in Japan

David Brown
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You remember Sadako, the creepy and perpetually unhappy/undead girl with the long black hair who climbed out of the well and through the TV in "The Ring"?

Not only does she have a new movie coming out but, apparently, she also can pitch.

Thanks to CBS Eye on Baseball for discovering video of Sadako — or someone dressed up like her — throwing out a ceremonial first pitch at a recent Seibu Lions game in Japan. You've got to hand it to the Japanese. First, they beat us with tape decks, then cars and now, as Dayn Perry writes, with ceremonial first pitches. Thanks a lot, Obama.

The best parts of the video (which is in Japanese, as if it matters) include:

• A brief glimpse of Sadako warming up before her appearance, looking like flippin' Hiroki Kuroda, or something, with the hesitation pitch. May I wonder something that's possibly sexist? With the long hair obscuring her face, along with the size of those calves, are we sure it's not some dude in that costume? I'm all for women's lib, and Amanda Whurlitzer can pitch for my team any time, and Jennie Finch the best, but it's just curious.

• A brief glimpse of the film, "Sadako 2 3D," to be released Friday in theaters in Japan, being shown on the JumboTron. No reaction whatsoever from the crowd at the Seibu Dome. Can't be a good box office omen.

• The laughter from the stands as Sadako, along with three mini Sadakoes (Sadaki?) take the field. Don't you people get it? It's supposed to be scary!

• Having the medics come out with a stretcher after the pitch, which apparently was on target by the crowd's reaction ("Ohhh!"), though we never see it. The camera stays on Sadako as she falls to the turf in ghost exhaustion, or something.

Is it the strangest thing you've ever seen on a baseball field? It has to be close.

Sadako gonna gitcha, but first she gonna pitch ya ...

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