Ryan Dempster says no to Braves trade, still prefers Los Angeles instead

David Brown
Big League Stew

Call him "He-Man" because Chicago Cubs right-hander Ryan Dempster has the power and he's using it.

Regardless of his reasons, Dempster has used the veto power in his contract to kill a proposed trade to the Atlanta Braves. Dempster prefers being moved to the Los Angeles Dodgers, reporter Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports said. Dempster reportedly listed the Braves as a second choice if his first wish couldn't be honored, but once word of a trade with the Braves contingent on Dempster's assent was made public, Atlanta wasn't even his second choice anymore.

Too bad, Cubs and Braves. But this is what it's like to not have the power. It's a hassle for the teams and annoying to the fans, but that's how the basic agreement is written: Players with 10 years in the league and five consecutive with their team can veto any trade.

Dempster might get his wish yet. Jon Heyman of CBS Eye on Baseball reports that the Cubs are trying to re-ignite talks with the Dodgers. Rosenthal speculates that Dempster prefers the Dodgers for family reasons:

If Dempster approves a trade, he might only be with his new team only for a short period of time. But he still would prefer to be on the west coast, one source said.

Dempster, a native of Gibsons, British Columbia, still has family in the Vancouver area. He has three children — Brady, 5; Riley, 3; and Finlay, 1 — and wants them to be close to his relatives, sources said.

The health problems of Riley Dempster are real, and anytime a family with young children has to move, it's traumatic — or it's at least a giant pain in the rear. But even if Dempster wants to be traded to the Dodgers because he likes their uniforms better, it doesn't matter. Whatever Dempster's reasoning, it's his reasoning. He has the power. All the Cubs, Braves or any of us can do is watch him wield it.

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