Ryan Braun homers in his first spring at-bat after 65-game suspension

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If ever there were an MLB player who doesn't want to talk about the past, it's Ryan Braun. Braun is coming off a 65-game suspension that prematurely ended his 2013 season because of his ties to PEDs and the Biogenesis clinic.

Braun spent his time off trying to rebuild his image, or at least foster some forgiveness among Milwaukee Brewers fans. He didn't dig his feet in against MLB like Alex Rodriguez did. Braun took his punishment, went away and is back in 2014 looking for a fresh start.

It remains to be seen whether he'll get forgiveness from the public, but thus far in spring training, Braun's kept his nose down and tried to put the past behind him. He told Yahoo Sports' Tim Brown recently, "For me, it's counterproductive to continue to look back."

That brings us to Thursday, Braun's first spring training at-bat, in the batter's box against the Oakland Athletics. Braun launched the second pitch he saw over the left-field fence for a two-run homer. It was his first at-bat since July 21. As you hear in the video above, the overall mood of the crowd was happy too.

Things are going to be tougher for Braun this season — both the pitching he faces and the fans he plays in front of — but for a guy who is trying to start anew, this wasn't a bad way.

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