Ryan Braun’s apology phone calls meet that one scene from ‘Swingers’ (a Big League Stew parody)

Mike Oz

Ryan Braun, trying to rehab his image as of late, called Milwaukee Brewers season-ticket holders recently to apologize. It's been a tough couple of years for Braun. He was caught up in one PED scandal, beat the charges, thumped his chest in victory, then got caught up in another. The second one, that ugly Biogenesis scandal, Braun wouldn't walk away from clean. He's currently suspended 65 games by MLB and could use an image boost.

The idea of Braun calling Brewers fans is admirable — but it's also kind of funny. If you got a call from Ryan Braun would you believe it was him? Or would you think it was someone pranking you? And what would Braun, a guy who seemed to have such trouble finally admitting what he did, actually say? He's been careful to never says "PEDs" in a statement or admit to using "drugs." He's talked vaguely about his "mistakes" and using "products." Would he be as careful on the phone? Would that be super awkward?

Since Big League Stew apparently wasn't on the Ryan Braun apology-phone-call list (we've been sitting by the phone waiting and everything!), we're left to wonder. Finding a bit of inspiration in the 1996 film "Swingers," the video above is how we imagine Braun's apology phone calls might have gone.

* Special thanks to Greg Schoenwald and Dead in 60 Years for the lending video skills to this project.

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