Royals K-Crew member resuscitates 14-year-old girl after collapse at Kauffman Stadium

As you've read on Big League Stew all day, there were plenty of fun things to talk about coming out of the Angels-Royals game at Kauffman Stadium on Thursday night. But we're now learning that while all those entertaining events played out on the field or over the television broadcast, a far more serious scene was playing out in the stands.

As it's being reported by multiple outlets, including the Associated Press, a 14-year-old girl seated in the stadium's upper deck collapsed and needed immediate medical attention. Fans in the area immediately began calling for assistance, and among the very first to respond, thankfully, was 26-year-old Sam Sapenaro, who works primarily as a nurse but was on duty at her second job as a member of Kauffman Stadium's K-Crew (in-game entertainment).

Within the 15-20 seconds Sapenaro says it took her to arrive on the scene, which is a remarkably quick reponse, the girl was completely unresponsive and without a pulse. With the assistance of the gentleman who accompanied the young girl to the game, who also turned out to be a nurse, Sapenaro immediately began CPR and was able to successfully resuscitate her.

By that point stadium medical personnel had arrived and soon prepared the girl to be moved to the ambulance. It's reported that during the transport to the ambulance the girl had to be revived a second time, but the encouraging news is they were able to get her to a hospital where she's now receiving further treatment and is expected to survive.

It's a frightening situation to think about, but the best case outcome may not been possible had it not been for the quick actions of Sapenaro and all of those who either alerted personnel of the situation or assisted in her treatment. It took an incredible team effort to save a precious life, and we can't thank and credit those people enough.

Of course, with that said, it's great to hear that people are reaching out, specifically to Sam Sapenaro, to show their appreciation.

Since we can't all give Ms. Sapenaro a pat on the back, if you know another doctor, nurse or paramedic, go ahead and give them one. They deserve it.

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