Royals fan jumps into fountain in pursuit of Humberto Quintero home run ball

Kevin Kaduk
Big League Stew

Talk about a Kansas City Royals fan with serious want. While most of us landlubbers wouldn't break stride to collect a home run ball hit by the great Humberto Quintero, this Jacques Cousteau from some place like Raytown  decided to dive into Kauffman Stadium's famed fountains in search of floating treasure during the seventh inning of Sunday's 10-4 loss to the New York Yankees.



Seriously, where's Jules Verne or Herman Melville when you need them to write a Stew post with heavy nautical themes? While such an adventure would not have been possible in pre-renovation Kauffman, the new outfield seats have provided new diving platforms for Louganis wannabees from Lee's Summit. And if we get someone going all out for a home run hit by a Royals catcher, it really makes you wonder how they'll keep all the fans out during this summer's Home Run Derby —  especially if this daredevil from last year's contest shows up.

As you'll notice in this hilarious animated GIF of the incident, there's a sign stating that souvenir-seeking fans should stay out of the water at all costs. Which is why our  hero — soaked to the core, but with ball in hand! —  later got a visit from stadium security and was presumably escorted from the ballpark.

Can't imagine how they knew that he was the guy they were looking for.

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