Royally confused: David Lough loses track of his own base hit to left field

It’s one thing for a defender to lose track of a baseball in play. With obstacles such as the sun, high skies and wind, it's just not a rarity.

It’s not all that different for a base runner to lose track of the ball, either. In fact, much of the time they're relying on coaches, and with hit-and-runs called and defenders pulling out fakes, they can end up in no man's land pretty quickly. Isn't that right, Shin-Soo Choo?

But it’s something else entirely when the batter — you know, the person actually hitting the baseball — losses track of his own batted ball. Especially one that lands out in front of him in fair territory. That's doesn't happen very often, but it did to Kansas City Royals outfielder David Lough on Friday night.

The baseball oddity came in the fifth inning with the left-handed hitting Lough facing off against Chicago White Sox lefty Jose Quintana. The count was 0-2, so Quintana wisely elected to challenge with a high fastball on the inner half. It was a tough pitch, but Lough impressively fought it off with the intention of fouling it away and earning another pitch. However, the awkward swing and the movement of the ball ended creating some unusual spin, and when the ball touched down, it was safely tucked into short left field for a base hit.

Completely unaware of his good fortune, Lough danced around home plate desperately searching for the ball. Once he located it, he still had plenty of time to get down the line, so it wasn't a completely embarrassing experience. It was simply embarrassing enough that his teammates will probably have some good fun at his expense for the next week or so.

And Rex Hudler, too. He was already having fun on the Royals TV broadcast.

Then again, if Lough wants to turn the tables on them, he can always point to his home run on Friday that played a role in their 5-1 victory. And if that doesn't work, there's also the game-saving catch in their 1-0 win on Saturday. That all amounts to an eventful weekend with mostly positive results.

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