Rowdy fan gets stun gun after fighting police at Oakland Athletics playoff game

David Brown
Big League Stew

The vertical fan video clip above begins shortly after a scuffle began in the stands at the Coliseum during Game 1 of the Oakland Athletics-Detroit Tigers' AL Division Series. This didn't happen in the bleachers, but in the good seats, by one of the dugouts. In front of A's manager Bob Melvin and everything.

The star of the show, a middle-aged man described as "George Lucas"-like by The Deadspin, appears hacked off about something when the police come. And when they start to take him away, he unwisely fights back — against three at once! — probably ensuring significant jail time and maybe even some injuries that won't leave any marks. Fighting cops anywhere is dumb, but in Oakland? That's even a worse idea than bunting with Josh Reddick.

The best/worst parts of the video — other than a semi-disturbing moment when "George" is hit in the back by a stun gun and crumples into submission — are the comments by the amused crowd, which was encouraging the violence to escalate.

"Tase him!" a Beavis-like fan keeps repeating. "Tase him!" Many of the other fans in the immediate area reacted as though they were at a "Jerry Springer" taping, or perhaps some WWE action.

Another fan: "The [fellow] forgot his glasses! He can't see!"

A third: "That guy's going to jail for a long time!"

Unofficial narrator, possibly the filmmaker: "And now we're in Oakland, folks!"

The series, locked up at a game apiece, continues at Comerica Park in Detroit on Monday at 1 p.m. ET.

Editor's note: Oakland, in general, is lovely.

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