A roundup of news from Bryce Harper's contract signing

Hey, is that Bryce Harper and Boras Corp rep Kurt Stillwell finding out about Monday night's $9.9 million signing on Twitter, just like the rest of us?

No, it's just an embedded photographer from the Las Vegas Review-Journal getting the duo's reaction to that YouTube video featuring Tom Green and a bunch of "juggalos."

At least I think it is.

Or maybe they're just monitoring the Internet items that started piling up as Harper signed the biggest bonus for a position player in draft history. Let's join them for a bit, shall we?:

• Our own Jeff Passan writes that the Bryce Harper hype machine rolls on.

• But Federal Baseball says it's hard to envision ever tiring of the Harper hype if you're a Nats fan.

• Thomas Boswell of the WaPo writes that the Nats now possess an enviable triumvirate to build around with Harper, Stephen Strasburg(notes) and Ryan Zimmerman(notes).

• Mark Zuckerman of CSN Washington reports that the two sides didn't come to a verbal agreement until the final minute. Even though both were confident they'd get a deal done.

• So why did everyone have to work late when they didn't have to? Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post writes that Nats president Stan Kasten is tired of staying up late to sign his team's draft picks and hopes that the system will soon change.

• About a half hour before the deadline, someone on Twitter pointed out that Harper had added the name of his presumed employer to his infamous Facebook page.

Then, about an hour after the signing, Harper made it Facebook official.

• Fire Jim Bowden points out that the Nationals have broken their own record for draft bonuses, giving out $11.17 million to the class of 2010.

• This isn't Harper-related at all, but Nationals Enquirer wonders why Jim Riggleman didn't get hammered for a few Dibble-type remarks that he made a few days ago.

• Finally, in full view of the media, Nationals president Stan Kasten gives GM Mike Rizzo the cream pie and silver Elvis wig treatment after getting the deal done.

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