A-Rod sues Yankees team doctor, New York hospital for medical malpractice

It turns out Alex Rodriguez and his lawyers were just getting started when they filed their extensive lawsuit against Major League Baseball on Friday morning, Just hours later, A-Rod and company moved onward and upward to the Bronx to file a second lawsuit, this time accusing Yankees' team doctor Chris Ahmad and New York Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center of medical malpractice.

To be more specific, the second lawsuit alleges the accused parties misdiagnosed and purposely misled A-Rod about the severity of his left hip injury during the 2012 playoffs.

Here’s an excerpt of the lawsuit courtesy of ESPN New York:

Defendants, after performing, understanding and analyzing the MRI, had diagnosed Plantiff as suffering from a superior labral tear at the left hip; and without informing the plaintiff of the diagnosis, knowingly cleared the Plaintiff to resume playing as a third baseman for the New York Yankees during the [2012] season playoffs, thus allowing the Plaintiff to further injure himself and the necessity for additional surgeries.

Rodriguez was clearly not healthy during the 2012 postseason, struggling to a .120 average with no extra-base hits in 27 at-bats. A-Rod did not opt to have surgery immediately following the season, instead waiting until January. That pushed his recovery timetable from early June to Aug. 5. So basically A-Rod and company will attempt to prove his continued ineffective participation in the postseason, delayed operation and time lost were a direct result of the doctors' collective effort to sabotage him.

Can they do it? Maybe.

Will it be an uphill battle? Definitely. Though an uphill climb hasn't stopped A-Rod from fighting every possible battle in the past, specifically his on-going war with MLB. He thrives on the gamesmanship and the attention that comes with it.

Bottom line, it’s time to buckle up. A-Rod promised us a bumpy ride a few weeks ago, and Friday's actions pretty much guarantee he won't be going away any time soon.

The postseason is here and we’ve got you covered.
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