A-Rod memories — From postseason hero to lying egomaniac, Stew readers weigh in

Everybody has an opinion on Alex Rodriguez, that much is certain. But how will he ultimately be remembered when all is said and done? That's the question our @YahooSports Twitter account recently posed, and the responses covered a lot of ground.

Some focused on the positives and what could have been had A-Rod kept his name clean, while others simply couldn't look past the damage done to his reputation. The responses weren't limited to the real world, either. One reader notes that A-Rod's video game character was awesome, but another detests him for ruining his fantasy baseball experience.

No two responses were exactly the same. And don't worry, some even took aim at A-Rod's fashion tastes and even his affinity for his favorite person in the entire world. That, of course, being Alex Rodriguez.

Here are just a few of our favorites:

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