A-Rod homers in rehab game, discusses future in postgame comments

Alex Rodriguez made a triumphant return to the field for his second rehab assignment, homering (watch it at 1:25 in the video) and drawing a walk for the Trenton Thunder. He also remained defiant in the face of a possible lifetime ban — or suspension keeping him out through 2014 — from Major League Baseball when talking to the media following his fifth inning exit.

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CBS Sports Danny Knobler was among those in attendance in Trenton, and he transcribed a few of A-Rod's postgame comments on Twitter.

Reminder: Monday is now the day Major League Baseball is expected to move forward with their suspensions.

Boy that home run really did have him feeling good. Now we may be crossing over from defiant to delusional. Regardless of punishment, his body hasn't done a very good job getting him through the last five seasons.

When pressed further, A-Rod delivered this gem.

"I think that's the pink elephant in the room," A-Rod said, without ever naming the Yankees (or getting the cliche right).

And there you have it.

Nothing earth-shattering or terribly surprising in his comments, but any time A-Rod speaks publicly it's newsworthy.

We already know he's not going away without a fight. We already know he has a high opinion of himself and his physical conditioning. We know he wants the remaining money on his contract. And we know the Yankees — or pink elephants, in this case — wouldn't at all mind erasing that contract and pretending it never existed.

Whether or not A-Rod is entitled to that money will be a hotly debated topic long after we learn his fate, but the bottom line is he's going to fight for it until the ugly, bitter end, and we're all going along the ride whether we want to or not.

Well, he certainly doesn't come across like a man that's defeated.

Not yet, anyway.

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