A-Rod’s new gig: Slum lord in Maryland?

Kevin Kaduk
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After watching him for almost 20 seasons in the big leagues, the only thing we know for sure about Alex Rodriguez is that there are no bounds for the strange stories he repeatedly finds himself involved with.

Case in point: As if this ongoing Injurygate weren't enough, the name of the New York Yankees star somehow found its way into Thursday's Washington Post in a story about poor living conditions in a Maryland apartment complex.

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Wait a minute, you might be saying. What does A-Rod have to do with a Prince George county complex that residents allege is ridden with rodents, mold and broken air conditioning units that drive them outside to sleep at night?

Well, it's managed by Newport Property Ventures, which the Post says is owned by A-Rod.

From the Washington Post:

The complexes, which contain about 1,000 apartments, were sold last spring and turned over to a new management company, Newport Property Ventures, owned by New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez.

Residents, who have filed hundreds of complaints with the county alleging serious problems with rodent infestations, mold, crumbling floors and ceilings, say the firm has not responded.

A spokeswoman for Newport Property Ventures, in Coral Gables, Fla., declined to comment.

It's a pretty large leap to say that A-Rod is willingly playing the role of Prince George's Mr. Potter. A good deal of all that money he's made playing baseball is presumably invested in various ventures around the world and it'd be difficult to both rehab for his Yankees comeback while also taking an active role in oppressing people searching for affordable housing in the D.C./Baltimore area.

That said, now that his name is out there and attached to this story, A-Rod does have a responsibility to make things right. Local politicians have been unsuccessful in fixing many of the wrongs, so maybe some attention from A-Rod could help.

And who knows? Maybe it'll get his name attached to a good headline for once.


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