A-Rod in five words — cheater, hated, liar, ego, banned and more

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

Whether you think he should go away forever or the constant talk about him should, everybody has an opinion on Alex Rodriguez right now. One day after he was handed a 211-game suspension from Major League Baseball, then went out and played his first game of the season anyway (he can play until his appeal his heard), A-Rod is seemingly all the baseball world can talk about.

This, of course, is nothing new for the highest-paid player in the game, who has been a subject of controversy and tabloid fodder for years. On this day though, the @YahooSports Twitter account posed a simple challenge that proved both fun and insightful.

The responses ranged from calling him a cheater (of course) to cursing him out (not gonna show those) to offering ol' Alex a little sympathy (how thoughtful!). Let's look at some of our favorites:

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