A-Rod denies involvement in leaking Biogenesis information, calls Franciso Cervelli his brother

Speaking to the assembled media at Fenway Park prior to the Yankees-Red Sox battle on Friday night, Alex Rodriguez vehemently denied a "60 Minutes" report that he was involved in leaking the names of Ryan Braun and teammate Francisco Cervelli to Yahoo! Sports in connection to the Biogenesis scandal.

ESPN New York has a full transcript of A-Rod's short session, which he opened with statement and stuck around to answer six follow up questions. Here's an excerpt, beginning with that short statement:

Alex Rodriguez's opening statement in response to the report by "60 Minutes":

"It is a tough situation," Rodriguez said. "It is not surprising. I think they reported this about four months ago and it didn't get much traction. It is weird, weird timing."

Are you saying it is not true?

"It is not true," Rodriguez said. "I spoke to [Francisco] Cervelli and had a positive conversation. He understands it is not true and we are on the same page."

As usual, there's nothing truly surprising about A-Rod coming forth with a denial, but in this case he definitely made a strong effort to assure everybody that he wouldn't sink to ratting out a teammate.

"When I heard about the story, it was very surprising to me," Rodriguez said. "The most important thing is that I spoke to Cervelli. Cervelli is like my brother. He fully understands that it is not true.

When pressed further, A-Rod drove home the point that he and Cervelli are still on good terms following the report.

"We had that conversation. He understands that it is not true. You know, I've been a member of this union for 20 years, and it is important for all the guys to understand that my loyalty is to this union and it would never happen, it would never occur and it didn't happen. Let's make one thing clear: For the next seven weeks, it is going to be a very bumpy road. Every day expect a story like this, if not bigger. After arbitration, I'll have an opportunity with a full platform. Maybe a story with Wally [Matthews]. And I'll tell my full story."

I don't know how much of what A-Rod says is fact or fiction these days, but he's probably right about a new story tarnishing his name coming out every day. It seems like every way he turns, someone has him in their cross hairs. But hey, that's the bed he made for himself, he might as well get comfortable laying (or lying) in it.

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