A-Rod asked awkward question in both Spanish and English

It's some sort of universal media rule. The bigger the event, the more reporters who will show up and ask nonsensical and/or ill-informed questions of the subjects in the spotlight. For example, at last year's Home Run Derby, some guy actually got up and asked Prince Fielder(notes) what tips his father had given him before he went out and won the thing. Yeah, that was awkward.

In that vein — and for your squirming amusement — here's a weird exchange between a bilingual Bronx reporter and Alex Rodriguez(notes) after his 600th homer on Wednesday. I have no idea if this woman is trying to suggest that A-Rod is a jerk for not hitting more homers into the crowd or what, but she failed to convey her inquiry in not one, but two languages.

Also, kudos to YouTube user BrooklynKnight86, who expertly matched a great slideshow with A-Rod's confused responses — basically a bunch of I Love Lamp-sounding "Thank yous."

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