Rockies infielder Ryan Wheeler shows off beatboxing skills

Not everybody agrees with MLB allowing expanded rosters in September. I for one can understand that viewpoint, but would actually side more with the “limit it to 3-5 extra players, not up to 15” crowd. That’s a debate we can have later on, but something that can’t be debated is that many of those who get the September call are interesting characters — some of whom are getting their one and only chance to prove they belong — with interesting stories and talents that we may have never discovered.

For example, current Colorado Rockies infielder Ryan Wheeler is a guy who has made a couple quick cameo appearances over the past two seasons with both Colorado and the Arizona Diamondbacks — he was traded during the offseason for left-handed reliever Matt Reynolds — when his teams have needed depth, but has never stayed long enough for us to get to know him. Now that he's here again and staying for at least the rest of the season, we have some time for a little research on Wheeler, and a little research turned up this tidbit.

Ryan Wheeler is one tremendous human beat box.

Check out his skills from this Youtube video he posted last year.

I'm anything but a beatboxing expert — whistling didn't even come easy to me — but it seems Wheeler is pretty versatile and can cover a lot of ground with his beats. Even the burp at 2:06 didn't seem out of place.

It's a very impressive exhibition, which is good news for Wheeler if he struggles covering ground at the corner infield positions and continues hitting .230 in the big leagues. It's always good to have something to fall back on if the baseball gig falls through, but here's hoping Wheeler gets more than a limited chance to succeed in Colorado or elsewhere.

He seems like he'd be a fun guy to have around the clubhouse, too.

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