Robinson Cano and Denzel Washington face off in Jay Leno’s Yankees trivia contest

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Pity the poor PR people who represent Robinson Cano. Despite putting up MVP-caliber numbers for the New York Yankees, the second baseman has an uphill battle in terms of Q rating. As long as Derek Jeter and A-Rod are kicking around the same infield, anyway.

But to his credit, the 2011 Home Run Derby champ again moved the needle on his national profile quite a bit on Thursday night. At least among the soulless who dutifully tune into Jay Leno's nightly slopping of comedy gruel.

According to reports —  what, you think we actually watched? — Cano took on Denzel Washington in a Yankees trivia contest, eventually dropping a 6-5 decision to the actor.

From the NY Daily News:

In two of the questions he got right during the contest, he was part of the answer: Who are the last three Yankee All-Stars to wear jersey No. 24 (Cano, Tino Martinez and Rickey Henderson), and which current Yankees have fathers who played in the majors?

"Nick Swisher and myself," Cano said.

I'm actually pretty impressed that Cano knew the number question, though I'm guessing both Martinez and Henderson have both had opportunities to remind him about it.

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