Robin Ventura demands Adam Dunn take stage at Oscars if ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ wins

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That's it, he's going. After some hemming and hawing over whether he should leave Chicago White Sox spring training camp in Arizona to attend the Academy Awards, slugger Adam Dunn confirmed he's heading to Hollywood for the big show Sunday night. Dunn helped finance "Dallas Buyers Club," and also played a bit role as a homophobic bartender named Neddie Jay in the Matthew McConaughey film that's up for six Oscar nominations, including best picture. (That's Dunn on the right in the photo, with McConaughey in the cowboy hat and Jared Leto in the blond wig.)

And if it does win the big one, expect to see Dunn up on stage with the actors, director and producers. White Sox manager Robin Ventura demands it, via ESPN Chicago:

Ventura said Thursday that one condition for Dunn to attend the movie industry’s biggest night is that he absolutely must go on stage if “Dallas Buyers Club” wins the award for best picture.


While watching the film, Ventura admitted that he was instantly distracted when Dunn came on the screen. He even laughed at the sight of Dunn flipping a towel over his shoulder while working the bar. Ventura admitted that he was scolded by his wife for laughing during a moment that was not supposed to be comedic.

While Dunn brought a tuxedo with him to spring training, he said he is going to rent a higher end model instead.

It's a 20-1 shot in Las Vegas to win, with "12 Years A Slave" the runaway favorite at 1 to 5.

The White Sox absolutely are doing the right thing by letting Dunn out of camp for what probably will amount to missing one day of work. It probably wouldn't even have been a big deal to Dunn, except that preparation has been a sore subject with him from time to time. In his prime, Dunn has said, he basically didn't swing a bat all winter in preparation for the season. And then the 2011 season happened, when he hit an astonishingly poor .159 /.292/.277 in 496 plate appearances with the White Sox after signing a big contract.

Dunn said he's changed his tune about offseason workouts, and while the past two seasons haven't been great, they've been better than 2011.

Back in 2008, Dunn was tagged by former Blue Jays GM J.P. Ricciardi as being someone who "doesn't really like baseball that much." So he's always had that hanging over his head, probably unfairly.

Ricciardi probably would say the same thing about Dunn not liking movies that much either.

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