Rob-D.M.C.: Yankees' Cano takes buffalo stance in protest

Claw and antlers aren't the only body language going around in Major League Baseball these days. Like the Texas Rangers, the defending world champion New York Yankees also can say something without saying anything at all.

Check out second baseman Robinson Cano(notes) striking an iconic hip-hop pose — does he always hang in a buffalo stance? — after Elvis Andrus(notes) swiped second base in the first inning of Game 2 of the ALCS.

Cano made a swift tag on Andrus, but umpire Angel Hernandez never hesitated to call the runner safe. Cano couldn't believe it and showed his disagreement by folding his arms and holding a pose for a couple of seconds. The replay angles offered by TBS were anywhere from "can't tell" to "he looked out" to "oh, maybe he was safe." Based on that: Good call.

And it was a big call: Later in the inning, Andrus swiped the plate in a double steal, becoming the fifth person in history to steal home in an LCS. It set the tone for the Rangers getting another jump on the Yankees.

Cano might not have gotten the benefit of the doubt, but he does gain admission to the Run-D.M.C. Hall of Fame. He fits right in with Jam Master Jay and DMC (pictured), doesn't he? All Rob-D.M.C. needs is a different hat and some Adidas gym shoes.

Not sure about his rhyming skills, though.

* * *

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