Retro C-a-C: 'No way does the value of this painting crash'

With August 8 being the 20th anniversary (sorta) of the first night game at Wrigley Field, I had planned on posting a picture from the game on 8/8/88 for your captioning needs.

But let's face it: Pictures of lighted up ballparks — the Friendly Confines included — don't make for interesting and/or funny words.

So in its place I give you this picture of a portrait of Big Mac and Sammy, who are most assuredly celebrating the 10th anniversary of their home run chase ... somewhere.

(Though certainly not at today's Cardinals-Cubs game at Wrigley Field.)

Interestingly, both McGwire and Sosa faced off in St. Louis on Aug. 8, 1998. McGwire hit his 46th off Mark Clark in that game. Sosa, who entered with 43, hit his 44th off Rich Croushore.

So have at it, amateur Internet copywriters of the world. How should the caption to this photo read?

Bonus: What's the name of the painting?

Follow the jump for winners from Tuesday's C-a-C:

'Hold me. Thrill me. Kiss me. Kill me.'

1st — random content generator.

"Not now! My crew chief is watching!"

2nd — Leeick I.

Do I have maple or ash in my front pocket?

3rd — mdub84.

Brothers don't shake hands! Brothers gotta hug!!!

4th— jlpamc81.

Orlando Hudson scoring twice on the same play.

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