Report: Yankees to discipline Alex Rodriguez for seeking second opinion on quad injury

Alex Rodriguez received quite a welcome back to Yankee Stadium on Friday night, and that was before he even stepped on the field to a mixed response that turned into near unanimous boos following an 0-for-4 appearance with three strikeouts.

According to ESPN New York's Andrew Marchand, the Yankees hand-delivered A-Rod a letter prior to their 4-3 victory over the Tigers that informed him he was to be disciplined for seeking a second opinion on his quad injury without their approval. Of course this all came on the heels of A-Rod declaring himself ready for a rehab assignment in June before team doctors could check him out. General manager Brian Cashman was not happy then, and he obviously remains unhappy after A-Rod took matters into his own hand's once again.

Here's more from the ESPN New York report:

Rodriguez and the Yankees fought publicly late in July over the health of his quad. Without officially informing the team, Rodriguez had orthopedic surgeon Dr. Michael Gross of Hackensack University Medical Center examine his MRI. Dr. Gross then did a media tour.

Sources indicated then that the Yankees likely would discipline A-Rod, but didn't inform him until right before his 2013 home debut Friday night. The letter did not specify the exact nature of the discipline, a source said.

Rodriguez did not speak to reporters on Friday.

According to the report, the Yankees will cite Article XII, Paragraph D of the CBA, which states that a "player shall inform a team in writing" before seeking a second opinion. If only A-Rod had someone on staff who wrote letters for him, the Yankees could still be mad but they couldn't discipline him. The report also notes the Yankees sent a letter to Francisco Cervelli informing him he will also be disciplined for failing to report to work prior to the announcement of his 50-game suspension, so Cashman is definitely keeping his secretary busy in the Yankee Stadium offices.

As for what A-Rod's discipline might be, I'd expect a fine and that's about it. Probably not even enough to get his attention, but enough to make the Yankees feel like they finally got one over on him.

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