Report: Ryan Braun ready to admit PED use and apologize for his actions

With Alex Rodriguez dominating the headlines following his return to the field and the announcement that he would be allowed to continue playing until the appeals process began for his 211-game suspension is head, the name of Ryan Braun has quietly of faded into the background.

That was until Friday. First we heard Braun mentioned as one of the names that "60 Minutes" reports Alex Rodriguez's inner circle leaked to Yahoo! Sports in an attempt to take the focus off A-Rod in the Biogenesis scandal. Later in the day it was reported that Braun is being sued for defamation by Ralph Sasson, who is described as "a lifelong friend"of Braun's. Our own David Brown has the incredible details of that developing story.

Now comes a report from USA Today's Bob Nightengale that states Braun is ready to come clean on his performance-enhancing drug use during his MVP season 2011, and will also apologize for the deceptions during the process and after his positive test for testosterone in 2011 was overturned.

Here's more from Nightengale's report:

Braun, according to people who are familiar with his plans, is ready to soon admit that he used performance-enhancing drugs in parts of the 2011 season, the reasons why he did it, and publicly apologize for the lies and deception.

His people familiar with the plans, who spoke to USA TODAY Sports on the condition of anonymity because Braun has yet to make the announcement, said he has begun sending apologies to baseball officials, and is expected to express remorse in the statement. It's unclear what specifics will be in the statement.

And, for the first time, he will admit guilt.

If the report is proven to be true, perhaps Braun finally realized that it's time to start rebuilding bridges before all those that surround him burn out. In many cases it's probably too late — like with Ralph Sasson, for example — but he has to start somewhere, and there's no better time than now if that's indeed the direction he's leaning.

As always, stay tuned for the latest on this developing story. I'm sure there will be a lot more to come in the days and perhaps even weeks ahead if Braun enters full fledged damage control mode.

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