Report: Mets will look into voiding Francisco Rodriguez's contract

The fight Francisco Rodriguez had with his girlfriend's father keeps getting costlier.

K-Rod learned Monday that he suffered a torn ligament in his right thumb during a public brawl with Carlos Peña — the grandfather of Rodriguez's children — and requires surgery that would knock him out for the rest of the season.

And now the New York Mets are checking out the possibility of voiding the rest of K-Rod's contract. The deal is to pay him $11.5 million next season plus a $17.5-million vesting team option — which includes a $3.5 million buyout — for 2012.

Or, maybe, the Mets don't owe him a thing.

From Jon Heyman of Sports Illustrated:

Rodriguez has apologized for the incident, but that might not get him off the hook. Team sources suggest the voiding of the contract is something that's on the table for team higher-ups.


The players union might have a position on this though, as the Mets were only able to suspend Rodriguez initially for two games due to the power of the players union.

Even if K-Block Rod wasn't protected by a strong union, the process of voiding a contract sounds prickly. Do the Mets want to pursue such action, lose in court and then have Rodriguez still hanging around the family room at Citi Field?

They're angry with him now, but how badly do they want to rid themselves of their closer?

In the meantime, let's review the mounting consequences of the fight, shall we?

• Rodriguez experiences the indignity of literally fighting with family in front of, figuratively, the whole world.

• The Mets suspend him.

• He's arrested on a charge of third-degree assault and put into Mets Jail at Citi Field.

• Doctors find a torn ligament in his thumb, which requires surgery that ends his season.

• He faces the prospect of losing millions of dollars if the Mets void his contract.

Hopefully for K-Rod, the list ends there.

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