Report: Ervin Santana considering offers from Blue Jays and Orioles, could be days before final decision

Ervin Santana's long, at times seemingly impossible offseason quest to find a new home was reportedly nearing a conclusion on Saturday. Dionisio Soldevila of ESPN Deportes reported Santana and the Blue Jays were nearing a one-year, $14 million deal that was expected to be finalized Saturday afternoon. Soldevila’s colleague, Enrique Rojas, then added a new twist to the story, noting Santana wanted to hold off on finalizing the deal until later on Saturday in case a better last minute deal should come along.

Well, guess what? The Baltimore Orioles are reportedly in the race now too, offering $13 million plus incentives for one year. And the latest from Fox Sports’ Jon Morosi indicates the 5 p.m. ET Saturday deadline never existed or was pushed back because Santana is now willing to wait a few more days to mull over his options and ensure he signs the right deal.

What’s the rush, right? If he’s waited this long, what’s another few days or even a week?

Apparently it’s not a big deal to Santana, though there were reports on Friday that he wanted to sign a deal as soon as possible and was willing to lower his demands to one-year to make it happen. That news came on the heels of Santana’s decision to fire agent Bean Stringfellow, but it appears patience remains the word of the offseason within his camp.

At this point, it seems highly unlikely that either Toronto or Baltimore would go to two years. It should be a one year contract, and if it ends up being around $13-$14 million, that should cushion the blow of a long, drawn out offseason that followed Santana's decision to reject the Kansas City Royals $14.1 million qualifying offer.

Once again, this remains a fluid situation. Be sure to check back over the next few hours, days, maybe weeks, who knows, because once Ervin Santana renders a final decision, we'll fill you in on all of the details.

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