Report: Dodger Stadium has nearly $4 million worth of liens against it

Mike Oz
Big League Stew

The Los Angeles Dodgers say this is just a misunderstanding and it's the kind of thing that happens all the time, but nonetheless gossip hounds TMZ have dug up documents detailing that the team owes nearly $4 millions to creditors for work done to Dodger Stadium.

According to TMZ, five companies — contractors, plumbers, scaffolders, etc — are owed $3.854,985.46 (plus interest!), which has resulted in liens against Dodger Stadium. Raymond-Southern California, Inc., a wall and ceiling contractor is owed the most, a bit above $2 million, according to TMZ.

TMZ aimed to gussy with this up with a "foreclosure looms" headline, but c'mon. Yes, $3.8 million is a lot of money to me and you, but for the Dodgers, the MLB team with the league-high $220 million payroll, it's about three game's worth of player pay. Or, put another way, it's what they're paying J.P Howell and Brian Wilson combined this season. Or, put yet another way, what the Dodgers pay one of Matt Kemp's arms. Probably the left one, if we had to guess.

When reached by TMZ, the Dodgers said all the payments would start to be processed immediately. Which is good to hear, because as interesting a story as the Dodgers have been this season, we'd hate to see them become the team that picked up Edinson Volquez but didn't pay its waterproofer.

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