Report: Biogenesis owner Anthony Bosch used forged signatures to obtain PEDs for clients

Mike Fish and T.J. Quinn of ESPN’s Outside the Lines have released their latest report on the Biogenesis saga based on new documents they've obtained and it includes a few interesting pieces of new information.

Perhaps the most notable revelation, however, is included in this little excerpt on Anthony Bosch, the owner of the Biogenesis clinic:

Anthony Bosch, the self-described biochemist who operated a series of wellness clinics, used prescription forms that contained forged signatures, stamped with the names and license numbers of legitimate physicians who apparently were unaware of the scheme, sources and documents indicate. Those drugs were prescribed to Bosch's friends and associates and then delivered to professional athletes in order to avoid a paper trail, sources said.

Already the subject of a civil lawsuit filed by MLB and a Florida Department of Health investigation, Bosch could face possible felony criminal charges if tied to forged medical prescriptions, as well as fraud for acting as a medical doctor.

The ESPN report has a lot more detail, including a step-by-step breakdown of the process Bosch and his associates used to obtain the PEDs to their clients.

Honestly, it's not the most shocking development given the nature of this story and the man involved, but it's very interesting and certainly worth talking about since we're now officially dealing with fraud. That could change many facets of the investigation, including how Bosch goes about defending himself now that he might have to get out from under a felony.

Maybe he'd name more names and go into greater detail. Maybe he wouldn't. But as is always the case when Biogenesis reports come out, I want to look away because I'm pretty much over the PED talk in general, but I just can't because I'm curious to learn what direction this particular investigation will take next.

Even if I'm alone, I'm staying tuned.

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